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Extract ircN themes to your ircN/THEMES directory unless otherwise specified by the theme.
Then type /themes to load. Refer to the FAQ for other theme questions.

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Script Themes:

ircN 7 Default Theme by
This is a default.th2 theme used for restoring default setting if you decide you don't want to use a script theme anymore.

absence by jdc
Fresh clean looking theme that kicks ass!

AeonVision by
Well, it's nothing special. Aeonvision is a simple and basic theme, ported from a theme-style of conio.thm v3 for xircon's kano14. I also added the ircN 7 nick comps by BaRtMaN and based this theme on mruno's Tribe-Nuclear-Fusion theme (the lite green predomination).

BitchX by
BitchX theme, comes with a addon for better BitchX appearance. Also most if not all the code has been modified for better/faster results. Thanks for all the compliments!

Blue Ice by
White background theme with every first letter bolded and 'fading out'.

Nice BitchX kind of look (NOT the same as haro's theme).

(c)rackrock by novalogic ported by
Please note that this is only a theme, you will not receive any of it's aliases. Enjoy!!

Equis r03 by
Black background theme with different nicklist colors and a nice /whois and /whowas look.

Four by
Uses red, white and dark gray on a black background. Kind of bx like, try it out!

Gray druid by
This theme has come along way after I lost it when I formatted. But I did send it to 1 person and I got it back! Thanks silence. Mostly shades of gray, looks nice lots of compliments.

h00k3rX by
It uses the colors red, gray, white, and black.

Very simple theme with white & clean background.

nerve by jdc
nerve script theme. Black background. Uses both shades of gray, and teal.

nerve 2 by
A gray mod of the original Teal Theme by Jesse.

Nick Comp Theme by
Nickcomps made for ircN by BARtMAN, Quietust and jdc. Load like a normal theme. Will not change the look of ircN.

ocean by jdc
Pretty blue theme. Black background, uses both shades of gray. Made in one night, same night nerve was finished. Formerly called "midnight".

Pink Dreams by
Black background with pinkish foreground.

Project8 by
My best theme in my opinion. Uses yellow, teal, dark gray and white. Has a lot of parenthesis and a nice finish. (tip: /names)

Smack by
This theme is based off of for cypress (a bx script if you didn't know).

SpankX by
SpankX for ircN is a theme that uses the look of my script, SpankX, which was never released nor finished (after discovering ircN, I simply quit, anyhow). It's a black-backgrounded theme with gray/teal text that is actually quite pleasing to the eye.

Toxic Fade-out by
Black background theme with every first letter bolded and 'fading out'.

tribe 2.53 by (Updated 01/08/03)
Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5
mIRC 5.9+. 5 color sets and 69 images included. Ability to port other script themes' colors and 25 available RGB colors in mIRC. Many features added that ircN itself does not have! (Update: bugfixes)

xsi 3.1a (raw edition) by
no description

Sound Themes:

AOL Sound Theme by
Sounds from the popular online service America Online.

Austin Powers 2 Sound Theme by
Sounds from the movie, Austin Powers: The Spy That Shagged Me.

Bart's Sound Theme by
Various sound bytes compiled by bartman.

The Academy Award winning epic romantic adventure, Braveheart, is here to inspire you all over again.

Beavis and Butthead
Your favorite MTV cartoon duo will go from picking fun at music videos to IRC chat rooms.

This controversial movie about the future, starring Harrison Ford, will liven your ircN for sure

Blood II: The Chosen Sound Theme by PsyBard
The actor/voice has a nice resonant voice.. If you have SB Live! or any other soundcard that supports Environmental sounds.. Use about 10% reverb.... If you have SB Live so use Auditorium.. It gives it a nice chilly sound.. LOVE IT!

Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers bring their antics to your desktop. Don't these guys ever fade out?

Fart Sound Theme by
ok this is a Fart sound theme you guys might find it nasty and it may be so but i kinda find it funny maybe others will too.

Final Fantasy 7

Pearl Jam
These famous Seattle rockers come live into your computer.

Quake II Sound Theme by

Shaft by
Fight the man with the original shaft.

South Park Sound Theme by
Sounds from the hilarious tv series, South Park.

Space Balls
The 1980's comedy Space Balls will bring out the other side of the dark side for you..

Star Trek
Relive the first generation of Star Trek battles by grabbing this theme.

Star Wars
The Star Wars theme brings back the old sounds of Luke, R2D2, Darth Vader, and more.

Star Wars: Episode 1 Trailer Sound Theme by
Sounds from the two Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Trailers.

The Blair Witch Project Sound Theme by
The scariest sound theme for ircN.

The Evil Dead
Not one of our more pleasant themes but nonetheless a very interesting one.

The Matrix Sound Theme by
Sounds from the movie, The Matrix.

The Simpsons
Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, and the gang go from your TV set right into your computer screen.

The Smashing Pumpkins
This theme is a collection of riffs from our favorite rock group the Smashing Pumpkins.

The Three Stooges by
The Three Stooges and their stupidity come alive once again.

Tribe Sound Theme by
9 sound events from tribe rel. 9

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