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As you probably know, this is another new beginning for ircN, after icN and Chutzpah gave up on scripting and I took over the job of scripting ircN. After nearly eight months of scripting and many months of testing, I think that ircN 7.0 is ready.

I have made MANY changes to ircN. One of the main changes is the userlist, which formerly used user "levels" of protected, voice, global voice, op, protected op, bot, or protected bot. The new userlist now uses a system of flags, based on that of the eggdrop IRC bot. I've also removed a lot of the cluttered popups for flood protection and replaced them with dialogs.

Remember: if you have any bugs to report or suggestions to make, visit the Help Section of this site.

Also remember that I am not being paid to script ircN, and neither is anyone else; rather, we work with ircN because we enjoy using the script.

What You Can Do

If you wish to suggest a feature for ircN, or report a bug, post it in the ircN Forum as I will most likely be busy scripting. I am open to criticism, but there are some things that will never be included in ircN, namely war/takeover utilities.

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