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Please refer to the ircN FAQ and the ircN Help file (/help).

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ircN 7.xx Installation:
To get started, a copy of mIRC32 5.91 is required. If you do not have a copy, you may obtain one from the main ircn page. Extract mIRC32 5.91 to a separate directory and copy mIRC32.EXE and mIRC.HLP to your ircN\SYSTEM directory after extracting the ircN 7.27 archive. Copy no other files. Upon launching mIRC, a prompt to type "/install" should appear. Do so. If such a prompt does not appear, repeat the above process. Make sure to copy only the specified files and not create shortcuts.

ircN 7.xx Upgrade/Patch Installation:
ircN 7.27 needs mIRC 5.91. (Refer to the ircN 7.27 Installation to get mIRC 5.91 and what files you need to copy.)

To install the ircN 7.25->7.27 patch, follow these steps:
1. Exit ircN
2. Extract to your ircN\system directory (overwriting all files)
3. Restart ircN

To install the previous patches:
Extract to your ircN\system directory (overwriting all files), type "/patch" and locate the ircN7xxp.pch file.


ircN FAQs
General FAQ - General questions about ircN 7.2x answered.
Addons FAQ
- Rules on making ircN addons, list of identifiers, sample addon and more.
Script Theme FAQ - Rules on making an ircN script theme, list of identifiers, sample script theme and more.
Sound Theme FAQ - Rules on making an ircN sound theme, sample sound theme and more.

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