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ActEcho 1.1 by
This is a very simple little addon which will fix the "bug" that many of you are complaining about. It will allow you to have messages echo to the active window the way the could in ircN 6.x!

Agent addon 1.0 by
Uses MS Agent on events such as modes, parts, joins, ect...
NOTE: You must have MS Agent installed to use this.

AutoIdent by
This is an addon that automatically identifies you to NickServ with your nick and passwords like on server RelicNet and DalNet. It supports up to 10 Nicks and Passwords. It fits right in with ircN 7.x.

BNC 2.0 by
This addon assists and automates the often complex process of connecting to a BNC.

Bot Commands 2.0 by
This is a pretty simple addon for Undernet/Dalnet/PTnet services. Pretty straightforward and bug free. Probably the only thing it needs is to use the variable to only show up if you're on one of the networks.

BitchN 2.0.4 by laich/ (Updated!)
BitchX/irc.N is back with a new title and a slew of new features. Added quite a few ported BitchX commands, a basic Lamer/bx port, a addons/bX version reply feature, /detach capability, included (c)rackrock theme, and more. Read the README1ST.TXT for installation instructions.

Channel Magic 4.0/Beta by
ircN 7.x port of this ircN 6.x addon. Basically everything is the same. No additional features, just some reworking of some of the code to make it functional in ircN 7. Creates ghost channels, spaced channels, channel linking, and a simulcast feature.

Channel Spy 1.0 by
Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Channel Spy v1.0 is an addon that allows the user to see what is going on in his/her channels while only currently viewing one. Since the ActEcho addon is already out for messages, I decided not to duplicate this functionality. Instead, the user can choose to have the following channel activities echoed to their current window: normal channel text (conversations) - actions (away, etc) - join - part - quit - topic - nick - channel modes.

Check limits 1.4 by and
This addon is for limiting channels so it will keep down the effect of join flooding. the larger the channel the higher limit +users you want.

Compinfo 2.0 by
displays your computer stats and is completly configurable..

Dedicated Transfer Window v1.5 by
This addon allows you to monitor your dcc sends/gets from a single window.

Deep Thoughts by Alien88 ported by
Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

Dictionary+ by ported by
Defines words by connecting to various servers.

Druid 3.5 by
Many features such as: logging, listbans, channel features, slashdot news, network utilities and more.

Ebonics 3.0 by Snert ported by
Ebonics talker and kick messages ported from ircN 6.x

eXplorer 1.0 by .

Facts! 2.01f by
This addon isn't exactly useful, but it sure is fun! This addon will spit out random "fun facts". Some of the facts are funny, some are strange, and others are just plain bizarre! New version updated with the ability to add more facts, and more bizarre facts included!

File Server Surfer v1.2 by
Display and browse files and directories of fserve sessions

Frixion 2.03 by
Lets you add programs, directories, or web sites to various configurable menus. Contains a different nick completion routine and various other small features.

GalaxyNet Pak v0.3.5 by
Addon for GalaxyNet servers. It protects you from kicks, bans and deops if you have enough access to perform actions.

hLog 1.10 by
This is an addon for the people who like to monitor EVERYTHING that's going on in their channels. This addon has the ability to log every single thing that happens in your channels to their own little log. For instance you can set it to record all joins. Or all parts. Or all ctcps. Practically any event.

Hoar by webba and dh ported by
Raunchy humor is brought back to ircN 7

iClick 1.01 by
This addon lets enhances mIRC's double-click options in the status, query, nicklist, and notify list.

iAMP 0.9 by and
Simple to use mp3 playing addon with a winamp like look and feel. Initial public release. Watch for new releases with more features coming soon!

iPass by
this addon is for saving passwords on your computer on a safe way. it works via dialog and lets you save and encrypt any amount of passwords.

IRCamp 2.5 by
IRCamp is as the name says a winamp lookalike for mIRC/ircN. Play mp3s, add them to playlist, let people on irc know what song you´re listening to. All this in nice looking GUI. New features in this version is elapsed/total time on playing mp3, volume bar, save/load playlists and import winamp lists.

IRCfat's log viewer by
This is a addon to view your logs while in that channel and more easy.

ircN[moo] 3.02 by (Updated!)
Addon that utilizes the moo.dll and Motherboard Monitor to display a variety of system statistics including exact OS, uptime, CPU vendor/speed/load, disk capacity, memory usage, graphics card, screen res, network/dialup interface and transfer, case and CPU temperatures, and fan speeds. New dialog-based configuration options and the ability to customize the output as well. Read the README.TXT for further info.

ircX/N 2.1 by

This addon is basically a means to implement some of the most commonly used commands on servers that support the IRCX protocol. Included is a channel management system (dialog based) for managing PROPS for ten separate channels and popup menus for ACCESS, PROPS, additional channel/user modes, etc. If you have no idea what IRCX is, chances are you have absolutely no use for this. A link to the draft for the IRCX protocol is also available.

iTrivia v1.2 by (Updated!)
Screenshot 1
, Screenshot 2
Trivia addon containg over 14,600 questions in 8topics with many features including 'op control'. New dialogs in v1.2 and 900+ more questions.

kwsnstats and setistat by
I have two versions of the same addon. Setistats and KWSNstats. They display the user's seti@home stats. KWSNstats uses the terms shrub, shrubs and shrubbery instead of results and work unit.

Lag-O-Meter v1.6 by (Updated!)
Shows your current lag from the server on a dialog and the faces change to your lag.

Learn 1.0 by Sase
This is an addon similiar to the Eggdrop TCL, calc. It allows you to add/remove definitions of words. Great for when you're bored and you are curious what others added. Only +o users (channel, or otherwise) can change/remove definitions. Please read the README file when you unzip the addon!

mp3 stuff by
an mp3 script with many features, including: auto-update, m3u playlist support, custom play messages, a winamp clone, @find/@locator, and more.

nmp3 5 by NipKick (Updated!)
This is the best mp3 script you can get. Extract to ircN/system and type: "/load -rs nmp3v5.mrc".

npass 2.2 by
It has many features such as protection from recovering your nick if your IP address occupies it. Options such as Auto-Recover and Timed Recover. It isn't like most of those other ones because you can have an unlimited number of nicks.

nsident 1.0 by
Dalnet type nickserv auto ident, compatable with dalnet's new services, easy to setup.

nStat 1.0 by
This script provides a simple interface for the netstat program provided with windows and this script, allowing simple access to many network statistics such as UDP and ICMP information.

Paranoid! 1.0 by
This addon will completely hide ircN from the desktop and the taskbar with a single stroke. Good for when your boss drops or when you want to let your play quake without them going into your ircN.

PXInput (Spellchecker) by ported by
PXInput is a very fast and versatile spell checker for mIRC. Since its release, pxinput has been downloaded over 1,000 times and received a "Hot" rating from paIRC. In any case, I hope you find this addon useful and that it makes your IRC'ing more enjoyable.

Quotes/06.99 by jesse
This is a simple quotes addon for mIRC or ircN. It has many features. Very useful if you are in channels where people say things, and you try to remember them later for a reminder, or if it was just something funny said. There is no limit to the amount you want to store.

Quote Generator 4.0 by
A Quote Generator that has the following features: uses mIRC 5.61+'s new tab function for dialogs (for easier use), has a find dialog/cmd, a listbox to browse through your quotes and edit/delete any you choose, a status window which shows information about your quotes, a QOTD port, a setting to show the quote number when you say it or not, and many more!

Sender1.2 by
What this does is lets you create on a onjoin message and a trigger word, then pick a specific file and when someone types the trigger in the channel you have it set for it will send them that file. It does come in use one time or another.

Sex Talk by BlackDove ported by
Ported from ircN 6.x sex talk is back with the same crudeness that makes you all hot!

Simscript 3.0 by
This is a very fun script for those of you that like to sim, and also for those of you that just plain like Star Trek. Has some fun things to make simming easier, and a few things like the light speed <-> warp speed converter and the startdate converter that I just thought were plain cool. Definitely a must have for any simmer.

Sun by
this addon cycles channels (everything is configurable..time between cycles, time to listen for notices..blalbalba) and searches for those damn notices sent by some scripts. this can kick or kickban them.

tabo FTP client 2.1 by
FTP Client addon with a GUI

tabo seen by
A seen addon that has more options than ircN's biult in seen bot.

tad v1.1 by
Timed advertise addon.

The lazy typist 2.16 by
allows you to type as little as you want, and still make your point. Configure a database of commonly used abbreviations or 'shorcuts' and tell tlt what they mean, and it will parse your input and replace the abbreviations with the full meaning.

Translator 2.0 by
translates text to Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French and back to English.

UCHelp 1.01 by
An Undernet services addon. This one only appears if you're on Undernet, and the help is nice.

Userlist Transfer 1.0 by
FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY. Allows two or more ircN users to share their userlist and synchronize them automatically.

Vote Script 1.1 by
A very simple ircN addon that allows the user to create a vote on a certain topic in the active channel by typing /vote.

Vulcans Forge 2.9 by
Very nice addon including fserv also w/ fgui for graphical fserving. Very nice and a lot of options and good help system.

Wordk 2.1 by
This is a very well done word kicking addon. Can kick for any words or phrases you specify, with exemptions for users and different settings as to warn or kick or kickban.

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